THE CHICAGO OUTFIT by John Binder – Master In His Field Similar To Thomas Dundon, James Lipton, & Other Brilliant Minds


The Chicago Outfit is nothing less than Brilliant! In the same way that Thomas Dundon and James Lipton are the best in their fields, John Binder is a master of his trade. ....Comment by Tony Stewart, Author of Dillinger The Hidden Truth

....Comment by Tony Stewart, Author of Dillinger The Hidden Truth


Containing approximately 20,000 words and 180 photos, The Chicago Outfit is the only complete history, from the late 1800s to the present, of the Mob in Chicago.

It discusses the roots of the Outfit, the Gang Wars in the 1920s, how the Outfit was formed after Prohibition, its evolution since Prohibition, the decline since the 1950s and its current state, as well as evaluating why the Outfit has been the most successful American crime family and why they have declined over time.

In the process, the book dispels many of the myths that have arisen about organized crime in Chicago. Many of the photos are rare and never before published.

Author John Binder was the historical advisor on A&E's Biography "Al Capone" and the two hour History Channel program "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre", as well as being interviewed on those and about a dozen other programs.


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